I spotted these repetitively-installed images next to the new Eagleland pedestrian bridge on the south side of the river while strolling with my old friend Charles on Friday afternoon. There are a total of three panels as seen in Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2 shows a slightly closer-up view (they are a mounted a good ways above human height) of one of the identical three. They appear to depict a “homeless” or “transient” individual at rest next to his trusty grocery bag, but hey, for all I know it’s the head of the San Antonio Tea Party sitting down to enjoy his petit fours. [Note: if you choose to visit the aforelinked patriots, please pay special attention to their remarkable logo, which I have to thank Mme. Tricia Llanes for pointing out to me.] On consulting with Justin we both see a Scotch!-like cleanness to the work, but neither of us is willing to make a positive ID. They were executed on wooden cabinet doors, possibly with spray paint/stencil or silkscreen methods, and mounting technology appears to consist of white zip ties.

Update 09.08.10 01:41 am: Evidently, the storms of recent days have torn away the upper panel. After some reconnaissance of the area, with no sign of the missing panel (the base of the structure is overgrown with vines of alien origin,) we retreated from further exploration due to federal and state legal statutes regarding trespassing.