Linda Pace Foundation announced that it has named Steven Evans, who currently serves as Dia:Beacon’s managing director, as its new executive director and curator. The foundation primarily manages the collection of Linda Pace, the late founder of Artpace San Antonio. It has been planning to build a David Adjaye-designed museum to house the collection, and also runs CHRISpark, commissions new works, and supports Artpace. Evans’ management could have a major impact on the San Antonio art community, especially if he is able to bring the museum project to completion.

Although Linda Pace Foundation and Artpace are separate entities, they are politically and financially intertwined, so the naming of a new director at Linda Pace Foundation could impact Artpace in a number of ways, although I wouldn’t expect the relationship between the two organizations to change in any fundamental way.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Dia:Beacon is considered to be among the best collections of contemporary art in the world. It focusses on displaying large installations of major works by a relatively small number of artists, prioritizing depth over breadth.